The “DEFENDER” of our jobs and the taxpayers


Pro Life 

Pro tax reform 

Pro job growth 

Repeal laws 

Pro 2nd amendment 

NOT taking the state pension, state health insurance, OR State Representative mileage reimbursement. 


Travis Breeden has been a resident of the 76th district for his entire life. Born at the Peru hospital, he was raised in Utica, and lives minutes from his family home.  He has been a member of the Utica Baptist Church for 25 years. 

Travis has been a Teamster member of Teamster local 710 since 2000. His first job out of high school was at the Utica elevator as a custom applicator. he then obtained his CDL license. Travis went on to work at Consolidated Freightways until they shut their doors, and then moved on to UPS in 2002 and is currently employed there as a Semi-truck driver. 

Travis has been a Republican precinct committeeman for numerous years since 2008- specifically the Republican Utica 2 precinct committeeman since 2016. He has also assisted in several Republican party campaigns over the years. 


Travis is a true conservative and the only conservative running in this race. He wants to make a difference in Springfield, and stop the exodus of citizens and corporations leaving the state of Illinois. In addition to that, he pledges to be an powerful defender for the tax payers of the 76th District. 

Travis will bring his strong conservative values to the assembly in Springfield. Illinois needs to increase job growth in the state, attract more business, lower taxes, and stop the wasteful spending spree going on.

He wants to educate voters against the harmful effects of the Income Tax Constitutional Amendment that was passed earlier this year, which will be presented again for public vote in November 2020.  

Travis is a proponent for Second Amendment rights. He is also Pro-Life, willing to fight for unborn children.  

Travis has been endorsed by the 66th district State Representative Alan Skillicorn from East Dundee Illinois.